Detect COVID-19 in your space with the swipe of a swab

Detect COVID-19 in your space with the swipe of a swab

Detect COVID-19 in your space with the swipe of a swab


Monitor and slow the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19

Phylagen SurfaceTM SARS-CoV-2 test kit is designed for anyone to use in any space.





Build Assurance

Validate your safety protocols (such as masks and social distancing) are keeping your indoor spaces free of SARS-CoV-2


Identify Risk

Understand who might be spreading or exposed to infection based on the location of positive samples


Curb an Outbreak

Know if you have a COVID-19 spreader in your environment, even if they are not showing symptoms


Confirm Cleanliness & Safety

Ensure your cleaning and sanitation procedures are removing all traces of the virus that causes COVID-19 after an outbreak has occurred


What is Environmental Surface Testing?

People pass pathogens from their hands and their breath. Every time someone coughs, talks, laughs, or sings, droplets and aerosols containing pathogens remain in the air and eventually land on surrounding surfaces.

The Phylagen Surface™ SARS-CoV-2 test kit is a fast, easy way to use those surfaces to determine if Covid-19 is present in your space.

How it Works


Select the kit size and testing frequency that’s right for your space. Register in our secure portal and review guidelines on the best places to sample.


Test your space with our easy to use kit — simply swab surfaces, entering information in our convenient app as you go.


Return your completed test kit using the pre-paid label. Receive your results via our secure portal within 24 hours of your kit arriving at our lab.

Health. Safety. Transparency.

Why microbiome testing matters.

A supply chain partner on the other side of the world has been vetted for safe labor practices, but is the full shipment really being manufactured at that facility? Advanced cleaning procedures were implemented at a facility, but are they effective in keeping people safe?

Every person, place and thing has a microbiome. With a simple swab, our technology unlocks all the insights that microbiome offers: an unprecedented, data-driven view into safety, traceability, claim accuracy and more.