Turning dust into data for your safety

Turning dust into data for your safety

Turning dust into data for your safety


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NBC's Vicky Nguyen puts Phylagen Surface™ to the test.


Phylagen Surface SARS-CoV-2 Test Kit Now Available

Identifying the presence of COVID-19 in your indoor space can help prevent outbreaks before they start.




Health. Safety. Transparency.

Why microbiome testing matters.

A supply chain partner on the other side of the world has been vetted for safe labor practices, but is the full shipment really being manufactured at that facility? Advanced cleaning procedures were implemented at a facility, but are they effective in keeping people safe?

Every person, place and thing has a microbiome. With a simple swab, our technology unlocks all the insights that microbiome offers: an unprecedented, data-driven view into safety, traceability, claim accuracy and more.


Our Products

Phylagen works across a number of industries, from retail to government to transportation, helping organizations of all sizes achieve increased levels of safety and transparency.


Phylagen Surface™

Monitor indoor environments, from warehouses to classrooms, for the presence of potentially harmful pathogens.

Phylagen Origin™

Ensure supply chain transparency by testing the microscopic particles that coat each shipment of products.