COVID-19 Indoor Test Kit

Monitor your space for the virus
that causes COVID-19 so you can
take action to stop the spread



Test Your Space. Keep People Safe.

  • Detects virus even if carriers are asymptomatic
  • Results within 24 hours on secure portal
  • 95% confidence level using advanced qPCR technology

If a sick person enters a space they can leave behind pathogens in the air that eventually land on surfaces. Environmental testing is a simple way to know what’s circulating in your air, including the virus that causes COVID-19.



Detect Early

Know if COVID-19 is in your space up to 7 days before anyone starts showing symptoms.


Build Confidence

Assure guests, employees, and customers by regularly monitoring your space for the virus that causes COVID-19.

Human Diagnostic Testing is critical.
Environmental testing is a complement or alternative
when you can’t test every individual all the time.

Cost Effective - One test kit can account for all individuals in a shared space
Fast - 24-hour results upon arrival to the lab
Discreet - Can be administered without engaging individuals


How it Works


Order a test kit or design a custom solution with our team. Activate your kit online and use our simple guide to choose sample locations


Swab vertical and horizontal surfaces in your space while being guided by our user-friendly online portal.


Results are uploaded to your secure online account within 24 hours of your kit’s return to the lab.


Act immediately if results indicate the presence of the virus by quarantining and testing those exposed, cleaning effectively and following protocol if you have a plan in place.


Phylagen™ COVID-19 Indoor Test Kit Identifies
SARS-CoV-2 in Any Indoor Space

University Campuses
Nursing Homes
Long-Term Care Residences

Hotels & Lodging
Retail Spaces

Manufacturing Facilities
Co-Working Spaces
Medical Offices
Dental Offices


5 Sample Kit


Ideal for a single room such as classroom or breakroom


10 Sample Kit


Ideal for a small communal environment such as a coffee shop or small office space


25 Sample Kit


Ideal for larger communal spaces such as retail environments or multiple room businesses


For Subscriptions, Partnerships, or Solutions for Large Spaces

Our team is experienced in designing custom testing solutions for facilities of all sizes.


Our Expertise


Led by a team of world-renowned experts in the field of microbiome science and technology.

Technical Acumen

State-of-the-art laboratory to accurately and reproducibly identify infectious pathogens and product origins using only trace amounts of genomic material.


Test kits designed to be user-friendly, making sampling and data collection as seamless and error-free as possible.


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Design a Custom Monitoring Plan

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